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About Limelight

Limelight Marketing Group specializes in developing highly successful and cost-efficient marketing programs for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. No marketing effort is too large or complex for our experts.

When you select Limelight Marketing Group for your company's marketing needs, we will develop a unique marketing program for your business that surpasses your competition and makes your company a dominant leader in your industry.

Free Consultation

Our specialists are more than happy to provide you with an absolutely no cost, no obligation consultation on your marketing efforts, as well as give you valuable information into avenues you can be pursuing on your own. Call us today!

Proven Marketing Strategies And Results

Over Half of our business is based upon referrals, and every single client that has worked with Limelight is still a client of ours today! This alone speaks volume in a time when many unscrupulous businesses are operating, especially in our fields. We truly are a name you can trust, and can prove it to you as well if given the opportunity!